Digital design is today one of the most influential and famous artistic disciplines, in fact since its inception in the last century thanks to the computer revolution it has allowed new generations of artists to emerge. Digital art was created and developed in the 80s and in the 90s it became popular and consolidated as an artistic discipline, having its own techniques such as: digital landscapes, abstracts, fractal images, 3D images, computer-aided animations, the universe in reality. virtual augmented, in general all creation through a digital format with artistic vision.

Digital art is undoubtedly linked to social networks, this being its main means of dissemination. Thousands of works are posted every day, from collages, original works or 3D modeling. This has reinvented art, being more diverse and plural than ever.

As in all artistic areas, minimalism is present in digital art, this style being one of the most used in these disciplines, from landscapes taken to the most minimal forms of expression to portraits or 3D modeling, minimalism encompasses digital art being a reference . the mixture of 3D and 2D design, deconstructed objects, games with colors, practically no textures. All these elements make minimalism stand out in the digital world.

The minimalism that we observe in Le Corbusier's work has also greatly influenced digital art, for example the continuity of lines, the creation of clean spaces and the ornamentation exhibited in its minimum possible expression.

We bring you the work of 5 artists and studios that use minimalism in their digital work:

 Noma Bar

London-based Israeli graphic designer, illustrator and artist.

Abby Haddican Studio

it is a multidisciplinary designer specializing in branding, packaging, typography, and illustration based in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Nicholas Alan Cope

He is a Maryland-born photographer, based in Los Angeles.

Cristiana Couceiro

She is an illustrator and designer, living in Lisbon, Portugal.

André Britz

He is a german art director and graphic designer, specializing in branding, web design and interactive installation design.

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