As the year 2020 is almost over, it is now time to say goodbye to what probably will be the strangest year we will ever have to face, the year we had a pandemic and lockdown. It is now when we should look back one last time and focus on what is to come. Time to study the lessons learned, but more importantly, time to thank our loved ones. 

These holidays will be quite different from what we were used to, we may receive fewer hugs, but we will certainly appreciate them more. Now that our relatives and loved ones are physically distant from us, and there is still uncertainty about when we will see them again, sending a meaningful gift and making them feel appreciated becomes essential. An element that connects with them, follows them wherever they go, and is a constant reminder telling them “I'm here with you” may be just what they need. We believe that the best present is a piece that makes the person who received it feel special and this detail will last in their memory. 

Giving a Cate&Nelson watch is handing a loved one a feeling of affection that can be carried, as well as a symbol of your bond. With its unisex pieces and modern and timeless design, Cate&Nelson watches are the perfect present for design-lovers and for those who seek to reflect their personality through fashion. In addition to this, its minimalistic concept will deliver a special accent of luxury and will give a refined style to whoever wears it. The watches were designed with the utmost attention to detail, with the sobriety and honesty of Scandinavian design serving as a source of inspiration, achieving a well-balanced aesthetic that will never go out of style. 

There are two material options to choose from for the straps: organic leather and mesh, and you can choose the color that you like best. We recommend model N° 162-40MM: a modern watch that is almost entirely black but with a slight touch of gold. It is a very elegant piece that can be combined with different styles to create new looks, and that will appeal to people anywhere in the world.

Visit our collection and think about everything you want to say to that special someone. Get inspired by their lifestyle and reflect in your decision a watch that communicates your personal touch, so that they always remember you. The best news is that the watches can be shipped anywhere in the world for free. So, for these very different times, you can give someone special a present that will last over time and that will let him/her know what they mean to you.