TEMPO by Cate & Nelson Watches is about style, talent, art, lifestyle, minimalism, architecture, elegance, and doing things with passion and affection, from all this a project is born that goes beyond and wants to create a community to inspire us.
This week we want to talk about influencers but in a more personal, intimate, and close way. We recommend several influencers who most represent the values ​​of Cate & Nelson Watches.


She is Lisa Olssons, influencer, and founder of Nootka Jewelry, she has 431K followers on Instagram. A clear example of style, fashion, and elegance. Based in Stockholm and with a clear influence of Scandinavian design, he surprises us with his photographs and his outfits, simple and elegant. Here we see her wearing Nº178M, it’s absolute black with its elegant 34mm case, black mesh strap, and black dial, it’s an extrovert watch; We believe that it is the perfect complement for intuitive, creative, and decisive personalities. People who love drive and achievement.


Rocio Crusser is a New York-based model who has worked internationally and has 151K followers on Instagram. She has worked for Victoria's Secret, Balmain, or DKNY, among others. His photos portray his life in New York or when he visits his home in Spain. Follow her on Instagram to follow her work and admire her beauty. We love her feed and I'm sure you will like it too!


Sania Claus Demina based in Stockholm is the founder and designer of the Sani d’mina brand as well as being an influencer with 38.4K followers, we love it! With an incredible style, he surprises us by reinventing the classic figures. In this photo we see her wearing Nº178, this Cate & Nelson watch features a smooth, silk-like organic leather strap that ages after the moments it passes and the environments it endures.


Alex Sanchez de Mora is a Spanish influencer and founder of QEBEC, male jewelry, and Monsters Productions. He has 173K followers. Alex is a businessman, model, entrepreneur, and father that we love because of his unique and modern style without losing a Mediterranean classic point that makes his photos full of personality.


Tobias Sikström is a Swedish creator and fashion editor living in Stockholm with 31.9K followers. His European style is elegant and sophisticated but with a modern and young touch that makes his photographs unique. In the photo, we see him wearing a Nº163 watch which blends the iconic Cate & Nelson look with classical hues. Perfect to pair with other brass or brown leather details to complete the look.


Ellen Claesson is a product developer and content creator. She has 105K followers on Instagram. Her profile has a lot of style and variety as well as very interesting content. From Cate & Nelson Watches we recommend her profile on Instagram if you are looking for inspiration to dress or decorate originally and elegantly.


Maria Panteli is a digital content creator and influencer with 29.3K followers that inspire us. We love her work and her photography. Follow her if you like fashion and want to be inspired to give her that minimalist, modern and elegant touch that characterizes Maria Panteli. She is creative and self-motivated as is our Nº174 that she wears in the photograph with that beautiful outfit.


Linda Pyra fashion communications and public relations professional based in Helsinki and she has 18K followers on Instagram. Her post is simple and her photos have very beautiful light and colors. In addition, she has a very classic style with a modern point that we love. Follow her on her website to learn more about her.


Gio lives in The Netherlands and is a blogger with 31.9K followers on Instagram he surprises us with her street style and her good taste in combining colors and shapes to create tenacious & versatile looks are incredible. Two words to describe her personality. We love it and from TEMPO we recommend her channel to inspire you both by her outfits and her poses.


Rocio Orsono is a Seville influencer who has 1.3 million followers on Instagram. She is the founder of the fashion brand Rocio Osorno, which we love. She has style, character, and beauty. She is close with hers, her followers and her incredible content creator for her Instagram don't wait to follow her!
So far this week's entry, we hope she has served as inspiration and to meet new influencers with TEMPO.