Minimalism came from decoration in the early 1920s to interior design causing a revolution in the home. The maximum of minimalism is functionality, it is dividing the spaces reducing to the basic and essential thanks, minimalism deconstructs ornamentation and exposing simple lines, organic textures, basic colors, and visual cleanliness.

At Cate & Nelson Watches we love minimalist, sober, and elegant design, this style is so characteristic of Scandinavian design. Today we bring you little hacks and recommendations to get a minimalist design in your home.


Keeping this in mind, we mean that every element presented in our home has to be useful because all the other things that do not lack function end up bothering and occupying a part of our home that will only serve to waste time with its maintenance and cleaning.

It is very important to know how useful the spaces are, how many people inhabit them, and to take into account the continuity of the design throughout to unify the space. We can create the feeling of coherence and simplicity that we like so much about minimalism. This doesn´t go against decoration but without abusing and playing with simple figures, giving importance to the most important object in a room, and playing with lights to create perfect atmospheres so that living in that room becomes a pleasant experience.

A very useful trick for home decoration is to get inspired because there is no better way to learn and take inspiration. From Cate & Nelson Watches we recommend several platforms and people to inspire you in home decoration.

According to The Living Nature magazine Katty Schiebeck, an Uruguayan designer based in Barcelona: ​​"is considered one of the young promises on the national and international scene". Her style is beautiful, simple, and clean. She loves the use of organic materials and the minimalist design of it with a certain Mediterranean touch. We adore her, highly recommended to take a look at her website. Her style reminds us of our Nº163 for the warm th of it but without taking away the elegance.

Another source of inspiration is @pellahedeby, this impressive interior designer and blogger is an example of minimalist, sober, and elegant Nordic design. Modern and elegant, her style can be characterized by her work. The use of a soft color range and the use of materials without ornaments, obtaining the beauty of the materials. Pella Hedeby gives us the same personality as our Nº178 a timepiece with a timeless design.

Finally, we cannot give better advice than you have to visit Interiores Minimalistas, a Spanish magazine of journalists specialized in architecture, perfect to keep you informed of the new trends and to continue informing you about minimalism.

The minimalist style has been with Cate&Nelson Watches since its origins, we hope this entry has inspired you and if you are a fan of minimalist interior design, upload your favorite spaces with the hashtag #C&NWinteriorism.