Lights and shadows, natural materials, warmth, and refined lines that contrast with elements rescued from the past.

NOBO was born from the need to recreate atmospheres where the individual feels identified, comfortable and enthusiastic.

NOBO is a union between the new and the old, the avant-garde and the past, the creative and the technical.

The essential premises that push us to work in a self-taught line in the field of architecture and interior design are creating, designing, experimenting with light; we find inspiration in our past, our origins and our culture. NOBO tries to make the old new, remembering and capturing a distant memory with innovative techniques.

Light. How important light is... it is so necessary in our lives. We study light so that it is present in our projects in a subtle and elegant way.

We are attracted to creating contrasts and playing with colors and shadows.

The NOBO project started just a year ago. After an interesting conversation about the world of interior design, we decided to start giving shape to the dream that we both always had -cooking our own ideas.

We are united by the passion for the profession and the goal to learn and continue to grow as professionals.

Our proposal is an accessible luxury for everyone and to create successful spaces that last over time. Elegance, sobriety, and timelessness are the common thread of all our projects.

We pursue the warmth of the spaces using natural materials and highly studied lighting. Wood, rattan, linens, velvets, baked clay, handmade ceramics, vegetation, neutral colors...

We believe that each project and each person who comes to NOBO is unique and different, like the one who comes to make a custom suit.

We also try that our proposals have a clear brand stamp. We want to make sure that our vision of architecture and interior design is captured and recognizable.

We always include antique pieces that contrast with more current furniture because we like to create spaces that tell stories and fill them with memories. 

As a wise interior designer said: "I always put in one controversial item. It makes people talk.” -Dorothy Draper-

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