Scandinavia generally refers to a subregion in northern Europe. It covers the three kingdoms of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Even though the countries are very different from each other, they do share common ground in cultural, geophysical, and historical matters. The harsh climates of the north require products to opt for functionality and simplicity before decoration, principle which became the basis of Scandinavian design.

The modernist Scandinavian design began during the 40s and grew popular in the 50s. The concept of its aesthetic is simple, it consists of a functional decorating style, with natural light, a natural color scheme, and minimalist. It also involves a comforting décor, centered on the home and family, and the newest trend is focused on sustainability.


In Scandinavian interiors you can expect white walls, natural materials like stone and bare wood floors, a clean and airy space, and an elegant and minimalist space that is in harmony with its environment, where things should be made to last, rather than replaced.

In Sweden, on the Stockholm metro system, there is an iconic clock that served as inspiration for Cate & Nelson Watches. As a studio that normally designs furniture and larger interior decor pieces, Cate & Nelson has a clear design language that has a Scandinavian style – but always with an international approach.

The watches are unisex and created to be worn by people who love craftsmanship and design, and for whom ease of use is a requirement. Cate & Nelson Watches reflect the sobriety and honesty of Scandinavian design, with nothing else but the most important details needed to be a fully functional tool.

The styles of modern design are constantly moving and going through a process of continuous improvement. With its tradition of craftmanship and functionalism, but without eliminating beauty, the Scandinavian style is a timeless contribution to the world that will never go out of style.