Valentine’s day is just around the corner and some people might find that fact super exciting, and some others it may be just one more ordinary day of the year. Either way, it is hard to deny that it is a perfect time to rethink what friendship and love mean, and an ideal excuse to open up to our friends and loved ones and express through a present how valuable they are for us. 

Love and friendship are concepts that seem easy to understand. Those two words are almost part of our everyday vocabulary; we learn about them since we are little kids and are usually the main themes of music and movies. We think friendship should be honest and timeless, just like the concepts of good design for watches, and love could be defined in a way, as a special bond between two people. Both concepts are complex and subjective, so instead of trying to define them by ourselves, we'll use a bit of help from some of the wisest persons: philosophers Aristophanes, and Aristotle.

The Sympossium, written by Plato, depicts a friendly contest of speeches about love given by a group of notable men attending a banquet. One of them was Aristophanes, born c.447 BC, and one of the leading comic poets of Greece. He drew an engaging myth about love. He said that we humans were spherical, with two bodies facing outwards. Each had a single head with two faces, four arms, and four legs.

After trying to climb over Mount Olympus to take on the gods, Zeus, as a punishment, sliced each one in two. Ever since that day, humans beings have been trying to find their other half in order to rejoin and become whole. That explains the feeling of incompleteness we may experience, and hence the definition of Aristophanes as love being the attraction towards our “other half”.

Aristotle saw three kinds of common friendship. The first one is of utility, where the two parties receive a benefit in exchange. The second kind is based on pleasure, where the source of the friendship is emotional and is often short-lived. The third kind, the most preferable of the three, is the friendship of the good, and it is based on the mutual appreciation of the virtues that the other party admires. He says friendship is one of the true pleasures of life and thought that a life well-lived must include meaningful friendships. “In poverty as well as in other misfortunes, people suppose that friends are their only refuge.”-Aristotle.

Whether you agree or not with the definitions of love being your other half, and friendship as a mutual appreciation, we might state without a doubt that love and friendship are essential experiences and feelings of the human condition. Who would want to live a life without love or friendship? “Let no one who loves be unhappy, even love unreturned has its rainbow.” -James M. Barrie. So why not take the time to tell our loved ones what their bond means to us, and how their companionship brings us joy? 

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