The tiny house is already more than known to all. The minimalism, the decoration, and the usefulness of the space are what attract us to this concept of home that is conquering more and more people. A cheap and practical way to create a tiny house is the use of containers or prefabricated spaces for the structure of our house.

Today in Tempo we show you several tips for tiny houses and several examples of people with incredible tiny houses. Let's go!

Make the most of the available spaces

This is logical right? we refer to any type of space, when you have little space to store things your imagination is sharpened. From stairs, cabinets, trunk sofas, box-spring beds to hidden holes in the floor or in the walls themselves.


An error when creating a tiny house is wanting to have a traditional miniature house but this becomes tedious when translating it into reality, making it almost impossible to find the balance, so that this does not happen we have to reinvent the spaces by making it inside of a single space is capable of being multifunctional, a living room that serves as a dining room, study, bedroom, and own living room. The unification of spaces is one of the characteristics of the tiny house that makes them practical and comfortable.

The shape and materials

The most important thing about a tiny house is the shape and the materials. Although the common shapes are cubes or simple shapes, we also find great ideas such as a dome or maloca, this must be very thought out because if we want a mobile tiny house we must take into account that it is aerodynamic for its transport with more ease. And the use of light but resistant materials, two examples of this are chestnut wood or galvanized steel.

Think about the important

One mistake we can make in the construction of a tiny house is not to think of essential spaces but that go unnoticed such as producer storage for the home, recycling bins, and space for laundry. We cannot forget anything and we must pay close attention because in the long run thinking about these spaces makes the experience in a tiny house much more optimal.

Be minimalist

Minimalism is one of the best friends of tiny houses. In such a small house it is not necessary to give up decoration but if our lifestyle is close to minimalism it will make things easier for us. Not hoarding, living with what is necessary, and dedicating more time to ourselves. Taking inspiration from Scandinavian design will help us.

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