“Wearing a watch is essential to me which means I am always wearing one. I change quite a lot between them all but personally prefer the smaller models for me. The size and weight of the 34mm dial/watch makes it a very comfortable model for everyday use. 

I see that the leather strap gives the watch a warmer feeling while the mesh straps present a sharper mood.

If I had to point out a specific model and why I like it so much, it would probably be the model Nº 178 with its nude organic leather and white dial. I really like how the leather ages with every wear and develops a gorgeous patina that makes the watch even more personal. 

I would also want to add that the question “which is my favorite watch and why” is always around my head because it’s what gives me the answers to develop the next generation."

“I cannot say I have one favorite watch model. Depending on the occasion I prefer one or another. Even though they all share the same design language, the different combination of colors, materials, and textures on each model creates a totally different watch suitable for any moment. 

What I can say is, that one of the models I wear most is the Nº 174 and its mesh version, the Nº 174M. I personally call them the “full black”. What I like very much of these two models is that at first sight, they seem very quiet and subtle, but upon a  closer inspection you can see they have plenty of nuances and refined details.

I really like it when, due to its design, the light strikes on the face of the watch, the watch dial and the black hands start appearing through the curved glass and then quickly disappear back into the background/watch face.

Because of the toned-down combination, it makes it the perfect watch to wear at any moment and with any clothing. This is a very important attribute for an everyday watch."