Let's talk about fashion! This week at Cate & Nelson Watches we will take a tour of the most iconic fashion items of the last century. Fashion opens the way to express and with it to innovation, criticism, and social evolution.



Tunic Dress, Balenciaga

We are in the mid-1950s when Balenciaga presents us with a dress that revolutionized the silhouette of fashion. From the Midi dress and a very marked silhouette, to a maxi with a tubular silhouette that provided modernity and elegance. The model we see belongs to 1964 and highlights the use of black, the predominant color in the author's work, and that golden decoration that makes the difference. An iconic and timeless garment that broke the rules to not only set trends but also make a mark in fashion history.


Diane von Fürstenberg's wrap dress

Launched in 1972 and designed by Belgian-American dressmaker Diane von Fürstenberg, the knitted wrap dress is today a symbol of sexual liberation and feminine strength. The author herself has declared “Clothes have to reflect the liberation of women. Today women want versatile, simple, classic, comfortable garments that stylize. This is the story of my success. “The wrap dress gave me my independence. This success paid all my bills and allowed me to be the woman I wanted to be.” She told Vanity Fair.


Hermès Birkin bag

The mythical Hermès Birkin is an example of a timeless and classic design that everyone wants. Its history dates back to 1984 when the actress and singer, who gives its name to the design, Jane Birkin was traveling with the directors of Hermès at the time, Serge Gainsbourg and Jean-Louis Dumas when Jane complained about the lack of space in her bags and bags. Designers promised her a bag to "transport your home" without giving up Hermès' elegant and unique design.


Chanel's jacket

A Brief History on the Iconic Chanel Jacket

"I care a lot about women and wanted to dress them in clothes that make them feel comfortable but still emphasize femininity" Coco Chanel. Few pieces have had such an impact on fashion as the legendary Chanel jacket. This jacket is so important and meaningful As a revolutionary, Chanel breaks with the 1920s mentality and dress standards by creating this tailored straight cut jacket, which allowed for greater movement, and the use of Tweed, a fabric that was only used for menswear that it was more comfortable and flexible but without losing elegance.

The Burberry trench coat

Let's talk about men's fashion and how could it be otherwise, with the Burberry trench coat, designed during World War I, this trench coat has been an icon not only of the brand but of English fashion representing the values ​​of the country, both Thus, it has a royal warrant, accreditation as an official supplier of waterproof clothing to the British Royal House. The most famous Burberry Trenchcoat inspires elegance and timelessness.

From Cate & Nelson Watches we see how iconicity goes hand in hand with simplicity and utility without neglecting elegance and style, that is why each of our watches is designed with the values ​​of minimalism and follows the aesthetic line Scandinavian design that brings timelessness and superb resulting in a timeless design. We believe in a timeless design like our iconic Nº163, the result is a delicate watch with a combination of cognac brown, brass, and white that stands out from everything else.