In 2021, we can find a great number of trends, but an unusual one is a tracksuit: they are back! A garment that due to the circumstances of these times has appeared as a symbol of comfort and being at home. Even though tracksuits have become a fundamental garment in everybody’s wardrobes, they are refused by haute couture all over the world.

In Cate&Nelson Watches, we analyze and recommend how to combine a tracksuit with basic garments to create a comfortable, but elegant and minimalistic look.

From the classic monochromatic tracksuits that we can combine with cardigans and military boots, to a basic white t-shirt with a blazer and tracksuits or a tracksuit with sports shoes. The key to getting a minimalist look is to choose sober colors (like white, beige, black, earth color, or pastels colors) and the most important accessories! Simple earrings, fine necklaces, and a watch will be enough to give it that unique touch to our looks.

We propose three perfect watches to combine with tracksuits:

Nº 163 is perfect for earth colors. It is a watch that marks elegance with its brown organic vegetable-tanned leather strap, which is perfect to give professional style to your look. It amazes everyone with her incredible personality that will bring that classic touch to your look.

Other options are Nº 178 with a silk-like organic leather strap that ages after the moments it passes and the environments it endures, a different minimalist watch with its personality that will give us that plus in our look that will make a difference.

And the Nº174M for those that prefer a black&white look. The Cate&Nelson boldest watch, with its sleek 40 mm case, black mesh strap, and dial give us a more sportive look to the tracksuits. All in all, it contributes to providing the elegance of Scandinavian design that you will enjoy so much. In the end, it is the hallmark of Cate&Nelson Watches.

Any option you choose will turn your look into a more casual or formal one. They are all a perfect companion for bright personalities.