Art is the reflection of society and the circumstances of the human being, so knowing the new generations of artists is so important.  In TEMPO we love young talents. Both creativity and innovation come from inspiration, that is why we want to recommend several artists who are emerging and serve as inspiration.


To begin, we will talk about Mafalda Vasconcelos (@mmvce), an incredible artist from Mozambique, she surprises us with the way that she uses color, proportions, and her stroke, showing her personality. She draws inspiration from the culture of Mozambique and plays on her identity and her self-discovery spirit. A great example of feminist art. You can get inspired and follow her work on her websiteWe see Mafalda Vasconcelos as a clear example of own personality, a natural-born leader, full of passion and charisma; people who radiate authenticity, concern, and altruism like our Nº171M watch.

 Mafalda Vasconncelos. Bonita, available @greenhouseinteriors Oil on canvas, 91x122 Cm

Mafalda Vasconcelos. Bonita, available @greenhouseinteriors
Oil on canvas, 91x122 Cm


We are also inspired by Alessandra Genualdo is an Italian illustrator and painter, the winner of the royal watercolor society's contemporary watercolor competition young artist prize for the year 2017 and 2019. Her work transmits a lot of strength as well as beauty and taste. Her work can be found on her website or her Instagram @agenualdoWithout a doubt, Alessandra Genualdo's color palette is her own and we love it, it reminds us of Nº178 watch, this piece of style is quite broad. There are the ones who prefer recognized brands and the ones who breathe good design, finding in this watch a way to be different like Alessandra Genualdo painting.


Alessandra Genualdo. Instagram Post.


Another great talent is found in Harry Chiu (@harry.lil) a photographer and graphic designer located in Shanghai. In his photography, he plays with shadows and lights creating surprising atmospheres. Without a doubt a photograph with its personality. He has a special talent for creating environments and spaces full of emotions. Visit his website and find out. Harry Chiu's work is elegant and modern like the Nº164 watch, a clear example of sobriety and style. N°164 is at 38mm a slightly smaller sibling of the 161. The intention is to offer a reduced footprint on the wrist whilst conserving the original design philosophy - an understated and sophisticated time instrument for any occasion.


Harry Chiu. ⁠3D C4D + Octane @ziqianqian. Instragram post.

And finally, we will tell you about Willian Santiago (@willian_santiago) an incredible Brazilian illustrator who impresses us with his use of saturated colors and geometry, creating images with a lot of visual plasticities derived from that Art Decó point that represents the artist's brand. Willian Santiago is a clear example of an artist with a lot of his own personality such as the Nº172M watch, it has a contrasting golden mesh strap and white dial, certainly an essential timepiece; its luxurious but minimalistic composition with a conservative sleek 40 mm case blends well with elegant and casual outfits.


 Willian Santiago. "Caetana" Post Instagram.


 At Cate & Nelson Watches we believe in the usefulness of art in all aspects of life and that is why our watches are the result of combining Scandinavian design, minimalism, and simplicity to produce a unisex watch perfect for bright personalities. Wearing a Cate&Nelson Watch is to carry an unembellished timepiece with a timeless design. We hope these recommendations have helped to inspire you. Share this information on your social media.