Mother's day

Thanks for the passion, your strength, your love, and your time. Thank you for every second you give us. Mothers give us 9 months and a lifetime. In their teachings, in their hugs, and their gaze they give us time to live, so this day is made for them. 

Mothers act as doctors when we fall, as lawyers, to make us grow and architects to build a home and create spaces of comfort. They are brave and fighters. So thank you to all mothers for giving us their valuable time.

This day is celebrated from Ancient Greece times in commemoration of the goddess Rea, The Great Mother of the Gods, and from then on, nowadays, we continue to do so because it is very necessary to thank all that mothers give us.

Thanks to all those who are mothers, those who were, and those who will be. Mother's Day was made to pay tribute to all mothers, but every day we have to be just as proud of them as we are today, let's give today and always the time they deserve.

Happy Mother's Day!

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