Watches take with us throughout life and they are everywhere. Many times we see watches on the street, in the trains stations or inside of some places. What is the history of those watches?

We will show you 5 examples of famous watches and their history:

  • The Steam Clock 
  • This unusual watch was designed by  Raymond Saunders in 1977, it is located in the beautiful city of Vancouver, Canada, in Gastown district. Built as a tourist attraction, it calls attention not only because of its beauty, but also because of its mechanism, It works with steam!

    A miniature steam machine helped by electric engines makes this espectacular watch work, designed with Victorian style work. We love it!

  • Grand Central´s Clock

  • In New York there are many famous watches, but the most relevant one is in the information point at Grand Central Terminal.

    Built by Seth Thomas company in 1913, it has a gorgeous Beaux Arts style. A New York icon which has become a Hollywood star.

    A fun fact about it: it is the only watch in the station that is deliberately not one minute ahead.

  • Reloj de Gobernación

  • Since the beginning of the 20th century in La Puerta del Sol in Madrid (Spain) every year many people meet there to celebrate the arrival of the new year to the rhythm of the chimes of Reloj de Gobernación. This mythical watch was built in 1866 by José Rodríguez Losada. This watch is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Madrid.

  • Big Ben 

  • It is probably  the most famous watch in the world. The Big Ben or officially Elizabeth Tower is the biggest four-sided clock in the world. Designed by Edmund Beckett Denison and George Biddell Airy was inaugurated in 1859.

    The Big Ben represents the importance of watches in daily life and it is the most important tourist attraction in London.

  • SBB

  • In 1944 Hans Hilfiker designed the SBB watch to the swiss railway line. A scandinavian culture symbol with a simple style. 

    This design has been inspirations for Cate&Nelson Watches because it represents the modern, urban and european lifestyle. Like our watch Nº 164, an understated and sophisticated time instrument for any occasion and everybody.

    Watches inspire us in many areas and join us in our life. From Cate&Nelson Watches, we see the magic of time and watches as a way to have a little of that magic in our hand.


    And what is your favorite watch?